Washington Heights Baptist Church

Adult Bible Fellowships

At Washington Heights, ABFs are the most significant way people get connected. Some like to call them Sunday School classes… we believe they are more! Here, you can learn more about ABFs in general, or choose a particular ABF from the list below:

About ABFs

Adult Bible Fellowships are what they say they are:

  • ADULT: They are for college age and up, and designed to group people of similar ages and life experiences.
  • BIBLE: They major on the teaching and application of the Word of God to daily living.
  • FELLOWSHIP: They also major on relationships where people care for one another and support each other.

Adult Bible Fellowships are groups for study and fellowship, organized around the Sunday morning adult Bible study hour, historically called Sunday School.  What sets ABFs apart from traditional Sunday school classes is that ABFs reflect the typical phases in life. Connect with people facing similar needs, with similar interests in addition to Bible study. ABFs provides a place to get to know others well enough to share joys and struggles and function as a mini-congregation or family within the larger church.

See below for what each ABF has to offer. Or view our ABF Brochure.


For current ABF schedules and locations, click here.

  • Ambassadors (avg age: 78)

     Emptynesters with adult children and grandchildren. 
     This class is also available by Zoom--access link HERE. If you need assistance or have any issues please contact Don Jones.


  • Bereans (avg age: 66)

     Those with adult children and grandchildren.


  • Disciples (avg age: 63)

     Those with adult children and grandchildren.


  • HomeBuilders (avg age: 52)

     Adults with teens and college-aged children.


  • Journey (avg age: 42)

     Adults with high school and junior high aged children.


  • Vision (avg age: 36)

     Adults with junior high down to young children.


  • Thrive (avg age: 28)

     Couples new in their marriage, a few with babies.

  • Pathfinders (avg age: 23)

         College-aged students and young career adults.

  • Shepherds

     Special needs adults.


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