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​​​​​​​Adult Bible Fellowships

Published March 25, 2021 Categories News Events Children Students Adult Bible Fellowships Men Women Sports Missions Seniors

Programs to help you GET CONNECTED | Small Group Sunday morning studies

Please note the following room locations for our Sunday morning ABFs (Adult Bible Fellowship). Over the next several weeks Journey, Newly Marrieds and Pathfinders will be moving to new locations to better accomodate their class sizes. If you aren't part of an ABF and would like more information, please contact Josh Tuttle or Don Jones (Sunday School Superintendent), or grab a brochure from our brochure racks in the foyer and main entrance.

9a ABFs

  • Ambassadors - E152/153
  • Bereans - E150
  • Disciples - E250
  • Newly Marrieds - E151 (beginning June 6)
  • Shepherds - E154-156

10:30 ABFs

  • HomeBuilders - E150
  • Journey - E152/153 (beginning June 6)
  • Vision - E252/253
  • Pathfinders - E151 (beginning June 13)
  • Shepherds - E154-156 (beginning June 13)

*Class members may also join the Ambassadors and Bereans classes via Zoom during their scheduled class times. Click on the name of the ABF you would like to attend via Zoom. 

Not sure which ABF is right for you? For a detailed description of what each ABF has to offer, CLICK HERE.


Other Programs at 10:30a:
JAM City (children's programs) CLICK HERE
New Heights Students (Jr. and Sr. High) CLICK HERE

Join us this Sunday for worship – 9:00am and 10:30am