Washington Heights Baptist Church


Strategic Missions Partner

A missionary or ministry that has agreed to a special relationship with Washington Heights Baptist Church. These partnerships are established for a defined period of time, often 4-5 years, at which point the partnership can be renegotiated or concluded. Strategic partnerships require more than financial support and communication. They include interaction with the church on ministry initiatives, use of staff and missions teams in the ministry, intentional missionary care, as well as financial support.

  • Bill Glass: Behind the Walls – prison ministry

Supported Personnel

Those individuals and ministries funded in part by the Global Focus Program of Washington Heights Baptist Church.

  • Amundson, Doug and Heather - ABWE Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Baptist Children's Home - Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Donley, Chad and Wendy– Family Life Ministries, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Holder, Trevor and Jennifer – Navigators, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Institue of Biblical - Leadership, Lake Lure, North Carolina
  • Isaacs, Paul and April – Save the Storks, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • McGhee, Rich and Yvonna - ABWE
  • Pilet, Chris and Nicole – ABWE, Geneva, New York
  • Shepherds College - Union Grove, Wisconsin
  • State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches – OARBC
  • Weinburg, Ted and Diane - Nehemiah Ministry, MN

Special friends

Those individuals and minstries that are not funded by Washington Heights Baptist Church, but with which we have a relationship in some capacity.

  • Crossroads Bible College – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • I-TEC – Dunnellon, Florida
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