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PHASE 2.5 - Reopening Continues at WHBC

Published July 14, 2020 Categories News Events Children Students Adult Bible Fellowships Men Women Sports Missions Seniors


Announced July 17, 2020

For the past eight weeks we have met each Sunday, gathering for in-person worship. We’ve modified our worship spaces and worked to streamline movement throughout the building, allowing for social distancing. Some ABFs have begun to meet in person for their weekly teaching time. We praise God for his protection over our church family during this time.

As we continue to work towards worshipping together in a new normal, the staff has prepared the following plan for Phase 2.5 (August 9). You will also find our tentative plans for Phase 3 (September 6).

Phase 2.5 – August 9

  • Worship Services
    Our worship service formats have worked very well and will continue during the month of August. The ONLY CHANGE will be the location of the 9a and 10:30a services (they will switch locations) and the addition of a LIVE STREAM during the 10:30a service (a recording of the live streamed service will be available Sunday afternoon).

     Continue current schedule:

     8:00a       Location:  Central Park

     9:00a       Location:  Activity Center (Gym) Note change in location

     10:30a     Location: Worship Center (Main Auditorium) with a time of worship in music
                      at the end of the service.  
Note change in location

  • ABFs
    ABFs will continue to meet as they currently are, whether in person or via Zoom. If an ABF would like to begin to meet in person, there are two spaces available (Central Park or Dining Room) for their regular weekly class time. These meetings can take place any time during the week except during our Worship Services.
    ABFs leaders must contact the church office to schedule a weekly day and time slot, and receive instructions on how to access the building and other specifics such as parking.
  • Youth (New Heights)
    New Heights students (grades 7-12) will meet at 10:30a in the Youth Room for large group teaching time. This time will replace their Sunday night in-person meeting.
  • Children (JAM City)
    JAM City kids (nursery through 6th Grade) will meet at 10:30a ONLY. Some precautions will be in place, as is appropriate with each age/grade level. PreSchool, PreK and Kindergarten classes will meet in their individual rooms. 1st-4th will have their JAM Session lesson time in Central Park. 5th/6th graders will meet in their room for lesson time. There will be no JAM Session singing time.

    The ONLY entrance open to JAM City will be from the foyer. This is where the check-in and drop off point will be until further notice. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FRONT LOT OR TRY TO ENTER THE BUILDING AT DOOR 1 OR 2.

For details of the precautions, new procedures and expectations,



Phase 3 – September 6

The anticipated plan is laid out below, but we will continue to monitor public health recommendations and adjust our policies and procedures as needed.

  • Worship ServicesReturn to our 9a and 10:30a time schedule.
  • ABFsABFs will come back to in-person meetings at 9a and 10:30a.
  • New Heights will continue to meet at 10:30a.
  • JAM City (Children’s Department) will return to their 9a and 10:30a schedule with a full staff.
  • Wednesday night and all other ongoing events will be reviewed and announced as appropriate.

This plan will be modified as we continue to evaluate our building logistics and current public health policies to create an effective plan that will safely and wisely bring our operations back to some sense of normalcy.

Join us this Sunday for worship – 9:00am and 10:30am