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Published May 20, 2020 Categories News Events Students

June Schedule

CLICK HERE for a pdf of the June Calendar

Summer is here and New Heights students will have two opportunities each week to connect and grow during the month of June. PLUS some we've added weekly summer activities. PARENTS: We are avoiding mass transportation so if we meet away from the church you will need to arrange a ride for your child (contact Josh if you are having trouble with that). 

Sunday Youth Group: 7-8p

  • WHBC Field - Bring your lawn chair or a blanket and join us for a time of catching up, worship and teaching.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged. RAIN LOCATION: FOYER

Monday Funday: 10a-Noon

  • Various fun activities outside in the back field. We will encourage social distancing (no person-to-person contact).
  • Gather for lunch after activities. BYOL (bring your own lunch). There will be no food distribution.
  • Check your email or REMIND for changes in location (occassionally we may meet somewhere else).

Wednesday Youth Group: 6:30-8p

  • Zoom meeting, continuing our study of Mark in our small groups. Click Here

Fridays of Service: 10a-Noon

A new"ish" event. 

  • Various outside projects to love our community and our people.
  • BYOL (bring your own lunch)
  • Transportation not provided. (Contact Josh if you need assistance)


May 29, 2020 - Update from Josh Tuttle, Pastor of Student and Children's Ministries

So I had one of those brain tornados last night.

You know, those moments when you have had days or weeks of fog and then the fog clears and you start seeing ideas at a crazy pace. Well that happened last night. It feels like I got some of my mojo back. This email will bring some of that high-powered wind to fill in your June calendars a little more (if you're up for that sort of thing).

So, we have our regular gathering rhythms:

  • Sunday Evenings: 7-8pm (in person at the WHBC back field). This begins in June (meaning this coming Sunday evening is still on Zoom)
  • Wednesday Evenings:  6:30-8pm (Zoom meeting).

If you missed that announcement, check your spam. I'm not offended.

Beginning Monday, June 8, we will be kicking up Monday Funday, Virus-Style! (Sorry, that's a horrible name)

  • Each Monday, 10am-12pm, we will meet outside for various fun activities. In all things, we will encourage social distancing, which means no person-to-person contact, no extended time together indoors or in vehicles.
  • After hanging out and playing games (obviously not tackle football), we will have lunch together. This is BYOLunch; there will be no food distribution.
  • There may be occasions that we decide to meet somewhere else for Monday Funday (i.e. Putt-Putt, the park, etc.), but you will be informed in advance for those things. A message will also go out via Remind, so make sure you are getting those text updates (text @nh-parents to 81010).

Beginning Friday, June 12, we will be having Fridays of Service. This is a newish event where we will be doing various outside projects to love our community.

  • Each Friday, 10am-12pm, ending in BYOLunch.
  • Because we are avoiding mass transportation, if we meet away from the church you will need to arrange a ride for your child (contact me if you are having trouble with that). Again, be sure to sign up for those Remind updates, since there may be weeks with locations not at church or extended hours or whatnot.

Lastly for my brain tornado, 7th Grade Promotion! When we kick off our time together on Sunday, June 7, we will be inviting the new 7th graders to join us as well. Sort of an "All Things New" kind of day. If you have a new 7th grader coming up, you and your student will be receiving a letter next week, inviting them to participate. If you don't have an incoming 7th grader, tell your kids to be nice and friendly and generally less scary (I know, I know, pick your battles...).

Okay, that's a bunch. I hope this is as exciting for you and your students as it is for me. I want to reiterate that our primary goal is to grow in the Way of Christ together, our second goal is to grow in relationship and worship with one another, and my third goal (I guess they're all pretty equal-ish) is to love your family by doing our best to protect you in this time of uncertainty and illness. While I obviously cannot force anyone to social distance from their friends, I will ensure that no one is going to be forced to be in a health-compromising situation. There will always be room to run away from crowds!

All of this information (and much, much more!) can be found on our church website (whbc.org), so please check there first if you have a question, then check Remind, then ask me. I want to do whatever I can to pastor you and your students.

Okay, long enough.

Peace & Love,


New Heights Students
March 17, 2020

They may have asked us to practice social distancing, but they can’t stop us from practicing Distant Social-ing! This Wednesday at 6:30pm, join us for a special edition of Youth Group: Separately Together! 

We will be using an app called Zoom to connect with one other via the webernets. We may not be able to responsibly be in the same room, but, as the Church has done for millennia, we can still be gathered in the same Spirit. Thank you, the internet! 

Follow this link to download the app “Zoom”, and join the meeting of our Distant Social-ing. If you get lost along the way, click on the link again, or use our meeting ID in Zoom: 122 457 867. You’re all way younger than me, so if you can’t figure this out, well at least the robots won’t get to you.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Join us this Sunday for worship – 9:00am and 10:30am