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Adult Small Group Electives

Published September 21, 2020 Categories News Events Men Women

Stay Connected! | Beginning October 11

We are excited to announce these upcoming opportunities to gather together for teaching and fellowship through our Small Group Electives. Beginning Sunday, October 11 and running for 7 weeks, the following Electives will give you the opportunity to gather in-person for fellowship under the teaching of the Word.

Each Elective will have a limited number of seating available. Once a class is full you may be asked to join another class.

Small Group Electives FALL 2020.pdf

The Names & Character of God - 9a

Teacher:  Tim Townsend
Location: Room E252 (2nd floor, Adult Ed Bldg.)

Your name is an important fact about who you are. But when God tells us His name, He's revealing something about His character. In this Elective we will look at the various names of God found throughout Scripture and see how they reveal His character so that we can deepen our knowledge of Him and learn to walk with Him. Come prepared to learn, study and share.


Seeing Jesus in the Minor Prophets - 9a

Teacher:  Chuck Hofmann
Location: Dining Room 

If you were asked to pick a part of the Bible that reveals the character of Jesus, you might not reach for the minor prophets. Well that is exactly what we are going to do. We will turn to prophets like Jonah, Micah, Hosea to see what we can learn about Christ's compassion, His mercy, and His faithfulness to us as His people. Come ready to be stretched in the way you view these oft cast-aside prophets and in your understanding of and love
for Christ. 


Walking Among the Wounded - 9a

Teacher:  Randy Tate
Location: Room E152 (1st floor, Adult Ed Bldg.)

In the midst of his suffering, Job said to his three friends, "Miserable comforters are you all." (Job 16:2) All too often, we find ourselves on one side of that equation or the other. This is not a series about techniques, but rather about leaning on the God who has walked the path of suffering on our behalf and who says He is with us even when we cry, "darkness is my closest friend." (Psalm 88:18) We cannot expect in 7 weeks to bridge everything the Bible says about this topic, but we will digest enough to give us footing on the path through the valley of human suffering and pain. 


Evaluating Culture through a Christian Worldview - 10:30a

Teacher:  Tom Bonifield
Location: Room E250 (2nd floor, Adult Ed Bldg.)

We all have a certain way of viewing the world; the question is, do we even know what that is? When we don't know our own worldview, we risk letting the world tell us how we ought to view it. In this class we will look at the major worldviews in circulation today and how they impact music, movies, the news, and everything else. Together we will see how the One who made the world views it and how learning to view it the same way changes the way we live in it.


I Thessalonians - 10:30a

Teacher:  Phil LaCasse
Location: Room E150 (1st floor, Adult Ed Bldg.)

It might be tempting to view Paul's first epistle to the Thessalonians as simply an end-times warning, but when we do that we miss out on all this letter has for us to unpack outside of those intriguing elements in chapters 4-5. This letter paints a portrait of a healthy, thriving church—an example that any fellowship should aspire to imitate. We will explore the timeless truths of what the church in Thessalonica was doing right and challenge ourselves that the same may be said of us. 


Heights 101 - 10:30a

Teacher:  Justin Hoppe & Gerry Grimson
Location: Room E154 (1st floor, Adult Ed Bldg.)

Whether you are brand new to Washington Heights or you’ve been around since Moses—Heights 101 could be the class for you. In this elective we explore the history and beliefs of Washington Heights, while answering the question, “why do we do things the way we do?” We will walk through the current Statement of Faith, talk about how we govern our church body, learn about our missionaries, and more. If you’d like to get to know our church better this is the class for you! 


Contact: Josh Tuttle



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