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Great Adventures!

Published November 6, 2018 Categories News Events Seniors

A Great Adventure in NOVEMBER



Luncheons are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month. There is always an entertaining program of music, comedy, guest speakers, etc. If you would like to attend a luncheon and do not receive a call from one of our volunteers, please call Lisa Poe and let her know you would like to attend.

Join us for our TWO guests joining us on November 13. Sarah Robertson will be providing some beautiful flute music. She is so very talented! And, David Kisner (our Lead Pastor) is our guest speaker. He always has a fascinating, creative way of delivering a great Thanksgiving message!


Time: 11a 
DONATION: $5 for lunch    

RSVP: Lisa Poe  


DAY TRIP | Friday, November 30

“White Christmas” at La Comedia

Soldiers Bob Wallace and Phil Davis served under General Henry Waverley in WWII. Ten years later, they are working together in a popular song and dance duo, Wallace and Davis. The two find themselves at an Inn in Vermont. They discover it is owned by General Waverley and the inn is struggling to survive. They hatch a plan to help their former leader. It's a great story and show!

Time: 10:15 AM 
Cost:  $50.00

Join us this Sunday for worship – 9:00am and 10:30am